Labor Law

Tudorache and Associates is the company to go to solve labor law issues.
Tudorache and Associates provide legal support to companies, trade unions, employers or employees by providing them with consultancy, assistance or legal representation in the negotiation phase of contractual relationships, as well as in the conflict resolution phase between part.

The experience of our lawyers covers the following labor law issues:

the procedure of concluding and terminating the individual labor contract
privacy confidentiality clauses, non-competition clauses, mobility clauses
the procedure of concluding and registering the collective labor contract
the drafting of internal regulations

Layout procedure:
dismissal of the employee
the collective dismissal procedure

legal assistance and representation for employees, companies, trade unions in front of the labor law courts
We represented employers: CAR RATB, Titan SA, Tricotex SA, Paola Confectii SRL.
We represented employees: former RADET General Manager, CN Posta Romana directors, executives, radio moderators, physicians.