Why do you need a good contract? Because it protect you from litigation, first of all by discouraging them. Most of the time, the parties do not remember all the details of the “hands-on” discussion. If misunderstandings occur between the parties, a good contract can be easily understood and interpreted by a mediator, judge or arbitrator. Your business partner evaluates your professionalism according to the contract you are proposing. The success of a business builds on solid contracts.

For 15 years, Tudorache and Associates have been providing drafting, negotiating and / or reviewing commercial and civil contracts as a lawyer specialized in contracts, helping to legally protect the business and customer interest.

We drafted, revised and advise on a wide variety of Contracts, including:
– IP assignment and licensing agreements, such us: exclusive artist agreement, publishing agreements, copyright assignment agreement, synchronization licenses, work for hire agreements, format licensing agreement, production agreement, assignment and purchasing assets agreement.

  • Agency, distribution agreements;
  • Film and television financing, development, production, co-production and distribution agreements;
  • Collaboration and Joint Ventures agreements;
  • Talent Agreements;
  • Confidentiality Agreements;
  • Equipment Sale Agreement;
  • Manufacturing agreements;
  • Terms and conditions for goods and services:
  • Outsourcing Agreements.