We measure our success through the success of our clients!


Our lawyers focus on identifying, understanding and solving the real issues of the client, providing complex legal support, so that the value offered is always above the expectations.


The problems of our clients are our problems. One of the key elements of value we offer to customers is to reduce business risk through a proactive approach to preventing and quickly resolving all potential risk sources.

Ethics and confidentiality

The highest ethical standards underlie all aspects of our work. Avoiding conflicts of interest and ensuring full confidentiality of all the information provided by the client is the indisputable basis of our entire activity.


Our law firm understands the specificity of our clients’ business activity. Therefore, the extensive availability and promptness of the legal support we provide ensures both the fulfillment of the complex projects and the safety of solving the urgent and unforeseen problems.

Creativity and flexibility

Continuous adaptation to the peculiarities and needs of the client is one of the basic elements of the value offered by our law firm. The adoption of the most appropriate formulas of collaboration aims at the organic integration of the legal services offered within the support activities of the client’s business.


We are glad to be your lawyers in copyright, contracts, commercial law, labor law, trademarks and industrial property, advertising and media, taxation, e-commerce, labor law, real estate, competition, transport law, environmental law.